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November 8, 2014
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November 8, 2014

1931 Act Company

For a 1931 Act Company whenever a director (or secretary) is appointed or resigns then the Company must submit to the Companies Registry a form (Form 9N) within one month from the date of the change (if the form is submitted after the one month, then late fees become payable). In respect of an appointment of a director (or secretary) the new officer must sign the form signifying his consent to act as such.

2006 Act Company

For a 2006 Act Company the rules are somewhat different. On the application to incorporate a 2006 Act Company there is no provision to notify the Companies Registry of the details of the first directors.
Following incorporation the Company has two choices.

One, it can elect to file a copy of the Register of Directors with the Companies Registry. This will be a complete copy of the register since incorporation. If the Company has elected to do this it must then notify the Registry of any subsequent changes by submitting a form (Form IM12) within one month from the date of the change.

Two, the Company can decide not to file a copy of the Register of Directors with Companies Registry. If it does so it is not required to notify the Registry of any changes at the time that they occur.

However for all 2006 Act Companies (so inclusive of a company that has not elected to file a copy of the register) it must provide information about its directors on each annual return – this being details of the names and addresses of the directors in office during the previous year, together with dates of appointment and resignation.

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