Tax Strategies

The regulatory framework around tax-planning has tightened enormously over the last few years. It is harder than ever before to find tax-based structures that are both effective and lasting.

Despite this, there remain numerous of tax-planning opportunities which exist to help you minimise or even mitigate taxes entirely. These mechanisms are entirely legitimate. However, they are often closely guarded by their authors and designers – and made available to only a few clients.

The difficulty lies in finding out about such highly technical products – and in understanding their complex structures.

And that’s where I can help. I can give you access to many offshore tax-planning solutions which are NOT in the public domain.

Whatever set of circumstances you are facing I can help you find the optimum tax-planning product. Call me.

If there is no viable solution, I will tell you so you save your time and money and don’t get involved with strategies that, at best, don’t work, and at worst could be a scam – costing you money and heartache.

My list of contacts reads like a Global “Who’s Who?” of the tax-planning community – from the best – known accountancy and tax practitioners, through to the blue-sky thinkers.