s11 Names

11 Required part of company name

(1) Subject to subsections (2) to (5), the name of a company specified in section 1, paragraphs (a) to (c), shall end with-

(a) the word ‘Limited’, ‘Corporation’ or ‘Incorporated’; or

(b) the words ‘Public Limited Company’ or ‘public limited company’; or

(c) the abbreviation ‘Ltd’, ‘Corp’, ‘Inc’, ‘PLC’ or ‘plc’.

(2) The name of an unlimited company may (but need not) end with the word ‘Unlimited’ or the abbreviation ‘Unltd’.

(3) The name of a protected cell company shall include one of the following phrases-

(a) ‘Protected Cell Company’ or ‘protected cell company’; or

(b) ‘PCC’ or ‘pcc’.

(4) Where the abbreviation ‘Ltd’, ‘Corp’, ‘Inc’ or ‘Unltd’ is used, a full stop may be inserted at the end of the abbreviation.

(5) Where the abbreviation ‘PLC’, ‘plc’, ‘PCC’ or ‘pcc’ is used, full stops may be inserted immediately after each and every character thereof.