s71 Written Resolutions

71 Written resolutions
(1) Any action that may be taken by members of the company at a meeting of members may also be taken by a resolution consented to in writing or by email, telex, fax, or other electronic communication, without the need for any notice-

(a) by all the members entitled to vote thereon; or

(b) subject to any requirement specified in this Act for a resolution to be passed by a particular majority, by a member or members holding such percentage of the voting

rights in relation thereto as may be specified in the memorandum or articles.

(2) A resolution under subsection (1) may consist of several documents, including electronic communications, in like form each signed or assented to by one or more members and shall be deemed to have been passed on the date on which the resolution is signed or assented to by the last member to sign or assent (as the case may be).