s64 Correcting Share Register

64 Rectification of register of members
(1) If the directors are satisfied that any information that ought to be entered in the register of members has been omitted therefrom or has been inaccurately entered therein, they may, by resolution, amend the register of members accordingly, provided that any person thereby affected or to whom such amendment relates consents to such amendment being made.


(2) If in the opinion of any person-

(a) information that ought to be entered in the register of members under section 62 is omitted from the register or inaccurately entered in the register; or

(b) there is unreasonable delay in entering the information in the register,

such person may apply to the Court for an order that the register be rectified, and the Court may either refuse the application, with or without costs to be paid by the applicant, or order the rectification of the register, and may direct the company to pay all costs of the application and any damages the applicant may have sustained.


(3) The Court may, in any proceedings under subsection (2), determine any question relating to the right of a person who is a party to the proceedings to have that person’s name entered in or omitted from the register of members, whether the question arises between-

(a) two or more members or alleged members; or

(b) between a member or members or an alleged member or members, and the company;

and generally the Court may, in the proceedings, determine any question that may be necessary or expedient to be determined for the rectification of the register of members.