Can my company buy back shares from a shareholder ?
November 8, 2014
What happens if I have not held an annual general meeting ?
November 8, 2014

2006 Act Company
There is no statutory requirement for a Company formed under the 2006 Act to hold an Annual General Meeting, however the Articles of Association of the Company may specifically require an AGM to be held each year.

1931 Act Company
Prior to the coming into force of the Companies Act 1931 (Dispensation for Private Companies) (Annual General Meeting) Regulations 2010 on 1 November 2010 all 1931 Act Companies, whether private or public were generally speaking required to hold one ordinary general meeting each year.

As a result of the aforementioned Regulations coming into force a private Company (that is not a charity required to comply with s5(7) of the Companies Act 1986) formed under the 1931 Act may elect to dispense with this requirement to hold AGM’s. The election, by way of a signed members written resolution requires the unanimous agreement of all the members. A copy of this resolution must be forwarded to Companies Registry within one month after it has been passed.

A public company formed under the 1931 Act is required to hold an AGM.

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