The Isle of Man Companies Amendment Act 2009 can be found here.

Part 1 – deals with information to  contained within a Prospectus, makes some changes in respect of the registration of charges and provides the FSC with certain powers in respect of take-overs and mergers.

Part 2 – deals with certain accounting matters including the requirement for 1931 Companies to lay accounts before the members. In the case of a private company not more than 9 months after the accounting year end and in the case of a public company, not more than 6 months after the accounting year end.

It also provides for the FSC to maintain a register of approved auditors.

Part 3 – deals with changing the 1992 Act provisions that relate to Financial Assistance and S25 permits the issue of treasury shares.

Part 4 – provides amendments to the Limited Liability Companies Act 1996 – in particular with reference to winding up

Part 5 – Provides for companies incorporated under the Isle of Man Companies Act 2006 to issue Treasury Shares by the insertion of a Section 58a into that Act.